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In the modern world, we believe freedom and flexibility are essential. So Buzvil has provided you with both.

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After just 5 paid classes in a month, get the rest of your classes for free for 30 days. Pretty neat, huh!

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Feedback from Buzvil users

Skye Anderton

West End

Since joining Buzvil I have been pleasantly surprised by the quality of the classes, as well as the fact that everything is my terms! Thanks team, you've created a great sevice.

Angie Galles


I have found myself doing 3-4 sessions per week as compared to 1-2 prior to Buzvil and I’m actually paying less for it. Also, the studios are always clean, well-organised, and feature highly qualified, engaging instructors. I also really enjoy being able to choose between working out near my home or near my work – or anywhere in between!

Mark Gustowski

Brisbane CBD

I've tried a few group fitness apps, and I must say, Buzvil have really nailed it. Their offer is compelling and I just love that I have no set monthly fees. I pay only when I go. I love that.

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When do I get my free sessions?

You'll get your free sessions once you have paid and attended 5 classes within any 30 day period. Just note that this deal cannot be shared across multiple people

What is the cancellation policy?

We have limited spots available for each session. If your plans change, cancel your booking 12 hours prior to your session so that we can offer your spot to someone else. Otherwise late fees are applicable even if you are attending a free session.

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